Story Time: Ye Who Enter Here

Isidora walked through the living space of the Marigold, mentally doing a final check.  Clothing, check.  Rations, check.  Engines functioning, check (at least according to the dials). She finally ended at the greenhouse bay, with it’s wide, lovely, functionally useless windows partly obscured with plant stalks and branches. Golden rice, growing well.  Limes, too.  And finally, the most important check.  No stowaways, either according to visual inspection or the ship’s sensors

National Writing Month News

Hi all! So November is National Writing Month, and in honor of that (and in an attempt to help out those of you who are participating in NaNoWriMo), we will be doing 30 days of writing prompts.  Starting Nov. 1 and lasting through the 30th, we will post a prompt every day along with our … Continue reading National Writing Month News