Story Time: Not a Choco-tastrophe

Hope you are having a wonderful November.  For all those participating in NaNoWriMo, you nearly did it!  Congrats!  Here is my (rather short contribution).  Enjoy!

-Leandra Ranger

Not a Choco-tastrophe

by Leandra Ranger

         This is going well.  I think this is going well.  I made it through dinner without getting anything in my teeth.  That’s good.  Avery was laughing at my jokes.  That’s also good.  I should probably head back.  I don’t want to be the weirdo who spends forever in the bathroom…did I take too long in the bathroom?  Avery doesn’t seem upset.

“I ordered a molten lava cake for us to share.  You like chocolate, right?”

“I love chocolate!”  Avery ordered desert for us to share?  That’s a thing, right?  Surely it’s a thing?  Like Lady and the Tramp, but with less garlic.   “I actually went to a thing in undergrad about the chemistry of chocolate.  It was really cool.”

“So would that be the only lab where you get to eat stuff?”

“It would be choco-tastrophe if we couldn’t.”  That was a terrible pun.  What was I-oh, Avery was laughing.  Groaning too, but laughing.  I guess anyone who went on a date with me was prepared for my puns?  Wait, no one’s talking.  Someone needs to be talking.  Oh, I should ask about the grant.  “Did you guys get that grant?”

“We don’t know yet.  I mean, I think my boss knows, but she likes to wait ‘til a meeting to announce those things.”

“That’s annoying.”  Crap, did I overstep my bounds?  Is it societally acceptable to complain about someone else’s boss?  Wait, what’s Avery looking at? Our molten lava cake!  Looks good!  Wait…what if I get it on my shirt?

~ ~ ~

                “And then, he jumped up on the roof of his little house and started attacking the fern above it.  I don’t know what he has against plants.”

That sounds adorable.  I’m glad Avery likes cats.  “Daisy doesn’t really mess with plants, but she really loves mangling ribbons.” Maybe Avery would like to see a picture? But I would have to take off my gloves. Brr…it’s cold.  Thank goodness! We’re already at my car.  Wait…this means Avery’s going to leave.  I wish it wasn’t over.  I hope we can go out again.  I mean, we can go out again, but I hope Avery wants to go out again. Hold on-

Avery just kissed my cheek.

That was adorable.

That was awesome.

“Let’s do this again, Ash.”

“Absolutely!  I promise it will be pun-tastic!”  Avery was leaving, and groaning, but also laughing!  We’re definitely going out again.

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