Story Time: Magpie, Magpie

Here’s your Sunday story, brought to you by Leandra Ranger.

Happy Reading!

Leandra and Gwen

Magpie, Magpie

Leandra Ranger

Magpie, magpie, singing in a tree

What do you think will happen to me?

Where will I go when my story’s done?

Please take my gold and have some fun

                It’s not a glamorous job, but someone’s got to do itWell, that’s not true.  No one has to do it.  But Carri’s got to live, and the local medical college paid well for cadavers.  Therefore, here she was, at the graveyard at one in the morning, masterfully hopping a fence with her long, black cloak flaring behind her.  There’d been some rich old geezer buried here a couple of days ago (she’d seen the funeral procession), and so the fruit was ripe for the picking.

It wasn’t too hard for her to find the grave with the help of her lantern, muffling a cough as she walked.  Maybe this guy would have some extra money on him, and she’d be able to go to a doctor herself.  This cough was awfully persistent.  Oh well.  Time to dig.

She was about to reach pay dirt when something  buzzed into the hole with her.  She had barely glanced the small, mechanical wasp glinting in her lantern light befire it stung her arm.  With remarkable speed, Carri collapsed to the cold ground, unconscious.

~ ~ ~

                The bad news:  being a grave robber doesn’t get you much credit in a prison.  Good news: Carri wasn’t spending much time with the rest of the prison inhabitants.  Bad news:  that’s cause she was dying of consumption.

~ ~ ~

               One evening, three months after Carri’s arrest, the medical school received new cadavers from the prison.  One of the older students doing check-in thought one female body looked familiar, but didn’t pursue the matter since he was eager to get home.  Medical students weren’t supposed to acknowledge their awareness of gravediggers anyway.

The next morning, one of the medical school cadavers was missing.

Magpie, magpie, singing in a tree

What do you think will happen to me?

Where will I go when my story’s done?

Please take my bones and have some fun

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