In the Author’s Head: Snow White in the Woods

Here are some insights behind the process of writing Leandra's latest story, "Snow White in the Woods,"  including some further reading.

Story Time: Snow White in the Woods

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a princess.  She was closer to your age than mine, and she was smart and brave and kind.  She was also pretty and very pale, so everyone called her Snow White, so much so that, every once in a while, she forgot her real name.

Story Time: The Revenants

It had happened again. As Yvonne pushed through the small crowd of people, she spied the bloodied leg of a man. Moving further in, she could see the whole body ripped to shreds, its innards spilled out in a gory mess, the ribcage exposed and cracked in places. Her stomach churned as she took it all in, but the worst part was the expression on the man’s face.