Story Time: “The Road to Hell”

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We have a new story for you-a supernatural thriller by Gwen Cosmos! Please enjoy “The Road to Hell.”

Happy Reading!

Leandra and Gwen

P.S. If you want to get a better idea of what the angels’ armor looks like, check out this concept art by Gwen herself.

The Road to Hell

Gwen Cosmos

        Anticipation. The air was heavy with it as everyone in the city waited. There was barely a whisper of sound except for the constant banging at the gates. The gold and pearl doors that had been their protection were beginning to bend and crack. All throughout the city, the Seraphim were preparing. Swords were strapped to hips and normal, everyday clothing was being replaced by tougher gear.

The gates creaked as another blow from a battering ram smacked against it. The gate bent further. The metal whined, the pearl shattered, and the gates fell to the ground with a clang. The silence broke as hundreds of demons rushed through the opening, screaming for blood. Their dark claws raked the ground as their black sclera-less eyes took in the city. Pointed crescents stretched across their shadowed faces at their intrusion. They were finally home.


The city was in chaos. From her elevated position on a building, Sam could see the whole city. Smoke rose high, turning day into night. The Seraphim had predicted the demon’s attack, but Sam hadn’t been expecting it so soon. Wings flapped beside her,  and she turned to find her friend, the angel Ishim, landing.

“The creatures have started taking the outer rim of the city,” the Seraphim said. “Soon they will begin moving to the center.”

“I know my brother is a part of this,” she replied, scanning the burning buildings in hope of seeing him. As she expected, he wasn’t that easy to spot.

“I must return to the battle,” Ishim said, drawing his red sword. “I wish you luck on finding your brother.” With a mighty downstroke of his wings, the Seraphim leapt into the air and disappeared into the fray.

She watched the angel fly away and turned back towards the city. Then, she put on her helmet and jumped down, making her way towards the fallen gates.


Fire burned throughout the city as he made his way down different streets, looking for his target. In the distance, he could hear the clashing of swords, but had realized that his mark was not in that particular area and, therefore, ignored the fray. He turned down a street and almost didn’t notice the armored woman walking up to him. He stopped, taking in the prosthetic wings which matched his own. He smirked inside his helmet. He had found who he was looking for.

“Cole,” the woman said, “we need to talk.”

How’d she know my name? He pushed away his confusion, remembering what the fallen angels had told him. The Seraphim were good at manipulation, and they would do anything to make him drop his guard. “I’m here for my sister,” he growled. “Remember? The one you kidnapped.”

The Seraphim lifted her hands.  “You don’t understand,” she said.

But he had heard enough. He lunged towards his enemy, who easily dodged out of the way, drawing her sword. Cole came again, bringing down his sword to slice at her head. She blocked it, making the alley ring.

Cole brought his sword down for the third time. She easily knocked the sword away, but missed the fist that slammed into her abdomen, forcing the air out of her lungs.

Wings flared for balance as she almost fell to the ground.

He smiled to himself. He was going to enjoy this.


        Sam righted herself as she took in the dark warrior. No doubt it was her brother searching for her. She blocked his sword. He must not have recognized her voice through the helmet. If only he had let her take it off.

He swung his sword towards her head. She ducked just as his knee slammed into her stomach, knocking the air out of her. She tried to inhale, but she needed space. Quickly, she took to the air where she finally caught her breath.

Her brother wasn’t too far behind.

“Cole!” she said, but he didn’t hear. He charged at her, swinging his sword wildly. She dodged it easily. “You need to stop this.”

“You stole my sister from me!” he spat. “You don’t get to tell me what to do.” He swung again, and, this time, she slammed her sword into his hand. His fingers loosened and the his blade fell to the ground.

Cole dived, and she followed. As he turned to land on his feet, she grabbed his legs, slamming them into the cobbled floor with a sickening crack. Her head smacked against his chest.

Beneath her, Cole was recovering from falling. His blinked and he groaned at the fiberglass pieces digging into his back. His wings must have broken.

Sam quickly removed her helmet, saying his name repeatedly.

His eyes found hers. “Sam?”

She nodded. “It’s me, Cole.”

A tear slid down his face, and suddenly his arms were around her. She stiffened at his touch. “I was so worried,” he murmured. “We can finally go home.”

She pushed him away, shaking her head. “I’m not going back,” she said.

“What?” He asked, sitting up further. “You were kidnapped. I came to-”

“Rescue me?” she said, finishing his sentence for him. She picked her sword, which had fallen in their dive.

He tried to speak to counter what she was saying, but nothing escaped from his mouth.

“You attacked this city,” she said, blinking back tears. “I won’t abandon it.”

“Forget this place!” He stood up, ignoring his sword. “Let’s just go home.”

She took a deep breath. “I’m not going back.”


She couldn’t look at him.

“I don’t want to lose you again.” His voice cracked, and she closed her eyes against the tears that had already threatened to spill.

“You have to leave, or you’ll be killed.”

“Sam, let me stay.”

A tear slid down her face. It was too late for that. “It’s not my decision to make.” She turned, looking up at the sky, and saw two Seraphim waiting. “You’ve lost this battle.”  She closed her eyes.

She heard footsteps. Cole was running away.

Slowly, she turned away and walked back towards the center of the city.


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