Story Spotlight: “The Fifth Avenue Twins”

Leandra here!  Today, I'm highlighting my story "The Fifth Avenue Twins."  This story (and its sequels) were immensely fun to write because of the character creation involved!  I loved coming up with personalities, powers, and aesthetics for Josephine, James, and everyone else.  This canon does have periodical installments, so, if you like this, be sure to check out the sequels, "Magpie, Magpie" and "The Hudson Murders," and keep an eye out for more stories with the Garfield twins.

Story Spotlight: “Snow White in the Woods”

So, for this month, we have been going back and highlighting each others' stories. This week, it's Gwen's turn to spotlight a Leandra story! I love "Snow White in the Woods"  because of the remade fairy-tale aspect.  I think Leandra did a stunning job putting the focus back on good relationships with those in our own family, and the character motives seem very realistic. So without further ado, I would like to present Leandra Ranger's "Snow White in the Woods."