Story Time: “Alone”

Its the first new horror story of the month! So with that please note that this story has the typical violence of horror and to please be cautious. Enjoy the story!

Leandra & Gwen


Gwen Cosmos

     All he could see was darkness. It swirled around him, stealing bits of him. Was this a horrible, horrible dream?

He pinched himself, but nothing changed. The shadows still swirled about, so he ran. “Go to the police,” he told himself, but could they keep him safe?

He ran, hoping the darkness wouldn’t follow. He slowed his pace as he reached the sidewalk. People bustled about him, the light was shining, and all was normal. He turned to walk with the crowd when he spied a young man smoking a cigarette against a wall.

The young man didn’t seem out of the ordinary, but, as he watched the smoke pass by the young man’s lips, it was far too dark. His insides turned with dread. Seeing the runner, the young man shrugged off the wall and walked over.

“Go away,” whimpered the runner.

The young man smiled.

“What do you want?” the runner asked as his hands began to shake.

The young man blew dark smoke into the runner’s face. “Nothing.”

The older man backed away. He was going to go home and lock his door. That was the only safe way. The police couldn’t help. They probably wouldn’t even believe him.

He didn’t make it two steps before the teenager was in front of him again.

The young man knocked off the ash from his cigarette.

The runner turned to call to someone, anyone, for help. He was shaking all over now.

“They can’t help you.”

The words bit into him as a chill ran down his spine. He looked at all the strangers as they passed by. How many of them would think him crazy? He bit his lip, suddenly unsure. Home-he had to make it home. He began walking again, spying an alley ahead that was a shortcut to his apartment.

“No one can help you,” The young man continued from beside him and took another drag on his cigarette as they reached the alley. “You’re all alone,” the smoker whispered.

The runner turned to say something but was surprised to find the space empty. He let out a shaky breath and charged into the alley. Everything blurred, and he focused on running, watching as the other side grew closer and closer. The darkness had left him. He was going to make it! Suddenly, his foot caught and his heart flew to his throat as he crashed to the floor with a clatter and slid into the waiting arms of the darkness. It bit into his skull.

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