Story Time: “The Feeding Ground”

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Here is our final spooky post:  a horror story from Leandra Ranger!  Please enjoy, and look forward to our November posting announcement early next week.

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P.S.  If you want to learn more about the historical events that inspired this story, check out Leandra’s In the Author’s Head explanation.

The Feeding Ground

Leandra Ranger

“Damned woman!” hissed Perez as he walked into his house on the dawn of the third day.

“Did my spell not work?” asked Beatriz, crooking an eyebrow.

Perez glared.

“You did everything I told you?  Were you sure you were a mile from any human?  It’s easy to misstep there.”

“Of course.  I’m not a bloody idiot!”  He punctuated his point by slamming his hand down on the table.

Beatriz squinted, studying her companion for a moment before noticing a few beads hanging from his pocket.  “Are you carrying a rosary?”

“You didn’t tell me I couldn’t,” protested Perez, yanking a fine onyx rosary from his pocket.

“I assume people can figure out not to bring holy symbols when summoning Satan on their own,” groused Beatriz, taking the rosary from his hands and tucking it in her skirt.  “Bloody idiot.  Now you have to do it the hard way.”

~ ~ ~

The words were written.  His name was signed.  His blood was spilled.  And the paper transformed.

The monster in its place was terrifying, many-legged, fanged, and almost human.  It scampered into Perez, knocked him to the ground.  He screamed and fought, but the scrawny creature easily fastened onto his neck as if he were a child.

Beatriz left.

She still heard the racous as she took the rosary as her fee (Perez couldn’t use it anymore, anyway) and crept outside, but she had grown used to it.  Many came to her, begged her to give them the keys to power.  Few heeded her warnings.

A week later, in Catalina, she heard the news:  Juan Perez had turned himself in for witchcraft.  He was sentenced to a year in prison.  She did not stop her flight.  Earthly laws could not end a deal with the Devil.  Madrid would be a feeding ground for centuries to come.


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