Story Time: “Roommates”


Gwen Cosmos

  When I moved in with my new roommates, they didn’t strike me as weird. They were just normal guys. Cole was into fashion and had a closet full of clothes from many different eras. He was a model, he told me, and they made him do ridiculous shoots. He was also a huge wine drinker, probably more than was good for him, but he never was drunk, as far as I could tell.

Jensen was a dog lover, and the dogs loved him. He walked the neighbor’s dogs. Cats always seemed to avoid him, but cats were cats. He was friendly, and he and Cole had been friends forever. I was accepted as soon as I walked into the door.

I unpacked my bags, and, for my first night there, we ate out. Jensen gulped down two burgers, but Cole just enjoyed our company. It was a fun time. After that, we settled into a routine. Jensen was an early riser, and Cole normally worked nights and got home in time to wish us good-morning before heading to bed. I was the last to wake up. I usually had enough time to say good-bye to Jensen and good-night to Cole; then, I was off to work In the evenings, we hung out and watched TV over dinner until Cole had to leave.  Jenson like watching Animal Planet, Cole ate up CSI, and I normally campaigned for whatever was on BBC.  Sometimes, there would be squabbles, but nothing that a few games of rock paper scissors couldn’t fix. By the time that was done, Cole had to leave.

It lasted like that for about two months. They were just two cool guys. That is, until I saw Jensen drinking from the toilet bowl one Saturday morning.

I woke up early and went to go to the bathroom. The door was ajar, so I pushed it open, assuming it was empty. There was Jensen, head in the toilet, drinking the water. He jumped up, looking as stunned as I felt.

“It’s not what it looks like,” he said, water dripping from his chin. I quickly rushed out of the bathroom to the kitchen where I found Cole drinking from a wine glass.

“Morning roomie,” he said, subtly placing the glass behind him.

“I just saw Jenson-”

Jensen rushed in, shouting, “Sean, let’s talk about this!”

Cole’s gaze met Jensen, and Jensen froze in place.

Cole walked over to me. “Sean, what did Jensen do?” He put his arm around me conspiratorially. I caught a whiff of his breath and gagged.

“Man, you smell like death!” I covered my nose, and Cole let go of me. That was when I noticed his fangs. Fangs! “You have fangs!?”

“Sean, calm down,” Cole said, his voice very, very persuasive.

“Why should I calm down? My roommate’s a vampire and my other one is….” I didn’t know what Jensen was.

“Werewolf,” Cole finished for me.

“A werewolf!” I shouted. I was losing my mind.

“Sean” Cole said, his eyes beginning to glow red. “Calm down.”

I instantly took a deep breath, my heart slowing. I began to sway.

“Not that calm!” Cole shouted as he caught me.  “Live, be normal.”

My eyes rolled back, and everything turned black.


                I came to with Cole and Jensen whispering above me. I realized I was on the couch.

“What did I tell you about drinking out of the toilet?” Cole said. “He wouldn’t have figured it out if you hadn’t done that.”

“I didn’t know he was going to be up! He usually sleeps in on Saturdays. Besides, it was your bad commanding that knocked him out.”

“That is neither here nor there. We have a human who knows our secrets. The idea was to blend in, Jensen, not reveal our true selves with toilet bowls!”

“Can’t you erase his memories?”

“No, Uncle Vlad can manipulate memories, I can’t!”

“Maybe we can call him?”

I sat up on the bed. “Please don’t do that.” I said, my head spinning. “What…happened?”

They turned to me and let out a sigh of relief. Jensen walked over and crushed me in a bear hug.

“Jensen…” I wheezed, and Jensen let go.

Cole stepped forward, his eyes back to a normal brown. He looked very apologetic. “I uh, panicked and well,” he dropped eye contact in favor of staring intently at the rug.  “I used a vampiric power on you. I’m sorry.”

I closed my eyes. “I was hoping that had been a dream.”

“Please don’t leave.” Jensen blurted out.

Cole glared at him.

“I…don’t know, Jensen.” His face fell. I looked at Cole, who just nodded and patted his friend’s shoulder. They were so down. But vampires, werewolves…That was weird, but they were my friends. Honestly, though, whose roommates weren’t a little odd? It’s not like anything really bad had happened. I let out a sigh. “I’ll stay.”

They perked up and spun around.

“Really?” Jenson said.

“On a couple of conditions,” I said, looking between them.

“Anything, Sean,” Cole said.

“No more drinking from the toilet bowl, Jensen.”

Jensen laughed. “I can’t promise that.”

I turned to Cole, “No more vampire control.”

“Cross my heart.”

“So, you’ll stay?” Jensen asked.

I nodded. “Someone has to help you guys pay rent.” I stood up and put my arms around their shoulders. “I think this will work out all right.”

3 thoughts on “Story Time: “Roommates”

  1. Gwen, love the feeling of this piece! Maybe the roommates can reappear on your blog from time to time with more awkward situations that only these guys could get into? With their unique “skill” sets I’m thinking many of our “normal” social interactions would be pretty humorous if viewed from their eyes. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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