Story Time: One Year Ago

Hi all!

For our final romance month post, Leandra brings you a romantic short short.

Happy Reading,

Leandra and Gwen

One Year Ago

Leandra Ranger

One year, five months, and three days ago, she left you for war.  One year ago, exactly, she returned in a box.  And, this morning, he asked you on a date.

That’s not the complicating factor.

The complicating factor is that you like him.  And he didn’t know what the date meant.  Surely, he would have had better timing if he did.  So, you like him.  And that’s confusing.

But what about her?  Her ghost haunts you, haunts him, haunts the new relationship that’s barely peaking through the dirt.  It’s your symbol of what you had, real as the flag on your mantelpiece.

That flag had been the last thing you wanted when she had died.  What use was a symbol of the country that had sacrificed her?  Or had she sacrificed herself?

She had always been a martyr.  But you aren’t.  And she wouldn’t want you to be.

Sorry for the late response, you text him.  It’s been a busy day.  Coffee on Friday sounds great!

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