Story Time: Apocalyptica: Champion

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This week, Leandra borrows Gwen’s world and puts a new entry into our ongoing Apocalyptica series.

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Leandra and Gwen

Apocalyptica: Champion

Leandra Ranger

There were many things she didn’t know until she woke up with Athena’s spear branded upon her back.  She had always preferred Artemis when she was younger, wanting to reject the rules placed upon her because of what was between her legs.  That was when she thought Athena was only the goddess of wisdom, a matron to guide the men around her without fighting herself.

But the world was now falling apart, and, the night before, she had prayed to anyone who would listen for a way to make it right.  As she slept, she dreamed of a gray-eyed woman with a shield and a spear who had whispered strategy to her as though it were song.  With every word, the champion’s head began to ache until light spilled out of her vision and down her back.

She wanted desperately to shut her eyes and darken the bright white pain, but prayers are rarely answered in easy ways, so she looked at nothing and listened to everything.  The Horsewomen could fall.  Humanity was not alone.

That morning, she knew that history had usurped Athena with rules that had no base in fact.  She was a goddess of wisdom, but she was also a goddess of war.  Ares stood for violence and stupidity, but Athena did it right.  With courage in her heart and battle-wisdom in her head, Athena’s champion prepared to war against War herself.

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