Story Time: Family Reunion

Dear all,

Today, Gwen in invites you to step back into the apartment of the cooky Roommates as they tackle another hurdle: family visits!

Happy Reading,

Leandra and Gwen

Family Reunion

Gwen Cosmos

       I was dreaming, indulging in sweet, delicious sleep, that many humans, like myself, enjoy. Suddenly, a door slammed, and I was ripped from my precious dreams. I tried ignoring it, but then I heard Cole yelling out.

With a grumble, I rolled out of bed in my pajama bottoms and tank top and cracked open my door. “What’s going on?” I growled.

Cole spun around and gave me a nervous grin, revealing his fangs. “S-Sean what… what time is it?” He glanced down at his watch and cringed as he looked back at me. “Two in the morning. Sorry, Sean.”

I was unamused but slightly curious. “What is going on, Cole?”

“Jensen refuses to take a bath.”

I crinkled my brow. “Last time I checked, he was a grown were, and didn’t need any help with his bathing schedule.” I stepped out of my bedroom, arms crossed and eyebrows raised.

“He just has this terrible dog smell,” Cole said. “It’s driving me nuts.”

I didn’t believe it. Something else was going on. I gave a slight smile and walked around him to the door behind him.

“Sean, no.”

I reached for Jensen’s door handle but paused when there was a knock behind me from the front door. The night was just getting better and better.

“Hide,” Cole whispered, and made his way to the front door.

I didn’t move and watched him open the front door slightly. Behind me, Jensen peeked out over my shoulder from his room. “Oh man…” His eyes caught mine and Jensen’s big hands grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back into his room. “Are you a gluten for punishment? Get in here.”

Tired from lack of sleep and the mysterious events, I shoved away from Jensen. “What’s going on?” I squinted my eyes at Jensen in a sinister way.

Jensen chuckled. “You remind me of Cole when you look like that.”

“Why are we hiding, Jensen?”

Jensen sighed. “Cole’s family is in town. They’re the ones at the door.”

I stared at my friend. “Really, all this over a family visit?”

“Cole’s family is a bunch of jerks. Why do you think he doesn’t talk about them?”

I eased up on my glaring. “Why wouldn’t he tell us?”

“He probably didn’t know. They like unexpected visits.” Jensen shook his head. “They really are terrible.”

I chuckled. “Cole’s a nice person; how bad can they be?” It was too unbelievable.

“You haven’t met them. I suggest just staying in here and laying low.”

I rolled my eyes, reaching for the door handle.

Jensen shrugged. “Your funeral.”

Shaking his concern off, I walked out and closed the door. I was curious about these vampires.

“Cole, really, this place is a dump. Does your werewolf friend bathe?  It reeks!” a high-pitched voice said. Then I heard the fridge open. “Surely, you could at least put something in the fridge that we could all enjoy.”

I walked down the hallway and saw someone dressed in all black looking into our fridge, along with two dark haired heads over on our couches talking to Cole. The fridge door closed, and, just as Cole and I met eyes, a screech came from behind me

“Oh Cole, you were hiding a little snack!”

I turned to the kitchen and put on a nervous smile. “Not a snack. I’m his roommate.” Like a dork, I stretched out my hand. A strong hand grasped mine as I took in who has latched onto my arm.

A very pretty dark-aired woman grinned at me, but I couldn’t help but feel a little like a piece of meat in her eyes.

“I bet you’re tasty.” She was still shaking my hand and I pulled it out of her grasp.

“Ellie, who is it?” asked a sultry voice from the couch.

She reached for my arm, staring into my eyes as hers glowed, and dragged me, surprisingly willing, towards the living room. She turned me to face an older man and woman sitting on the couch. “I found this delicious morsel. What’s your name?”

I grinned stupidly at her. “Sean,” I answered.

Cole sprung up from the couch. “Ellie, what did you do to him?”

“Nothing,” she replied.

Cole walked over to me and waved a hand in my face. I was still grinning stupidly.

“Ellie.” Cole’s voice was edged with warning as he turned towards her.

“Cole, don’t be such a martyr,” the other woman drolled. “Learn to live a little.”  She sipped from her wineglass with a straw like it was fashionable.

“He’s not supposed to be a part of this.” Cole pointed his hands at himself.  “You came to see me, not my roommate, who should be asleep,”

Ellie raised a hand and petted my head. “I like him.”

I grinned like a fool.

Cole moved past Ellie and grabbed me by the shoulders. “Snap out of it!” His eyes glowed, and my mind went completely blank.

I stood there like a brainless worm.

Ellie giggled as she raised one of my arms and watched it drop back to my side. “Glad to see your powers are still outstanding.” She took my hand and raised it, palm up, to her lips.

My hand was ripped from her grasp. “This is not yours!” Cole growled, and Ellie took a seat next to the older woman, a hurt look on her face.

The other vampire on the couch watched all this with gruff dissatisfaction. “So, Cole, you are insistent on keeping ties with these lowly creatures?”

Cole stood there, staring darkly up at the male vampire.

The male vampire stood up and walked over to me. He waved a hand in my face, and, with a snap of his fingers, I was restored.

I coughed and quickly walked away from the couch.

The male vampire tsked, “You should learn to not play with your food, Cole.” He moved towards the door. “I believe we’ve seen enough. Farewell.” The other two women stood up and began to follow him out. Ellie was the last to leave, slipping something into my hand with a wink. The door closed and then they were gone.

Cole let out a breath. “Are you ok?”

I nodded. “Who was that other guy? Your dad?”

Cole shook his head. “No, that’s my Uncle Vladimir. He’s…he’s a purist.” Cole chuckled nervously. “No family’s perfect, am I right?”

I gave Cole a pat on the back. “Thanks for standing up for me.” I barely got the words out before I yawned loudly.

“Get some sleep,” he ordered with a small smile

“See, your mind control is fully functional,” I joked as I walked back to our room.

Jensen peaked out of his room as I passed. “Are they gone? Are you alright?”

“Yes, and sure. Bed time now.” I opened the door and shut it before Jensen could ask me any more questions. I had crawled into bed before I realized I still had something in my hand. I opened it to find a phone number on a scrap of paper.

I groaned, tossed it onto my night stand, and shut off the light. There was no way I was going to make that call.

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