Story Time: Through the Walls

Through the Walls

Leandra Ranger

You have just started your second joint and sat down for bad TV when you hear it through the walls.  You don’t think anything of the first thud and yelp from your neighbor’s side of the duplex; everyone runs into things sometimes.  The second one should shock you, but your mind is too foggy to be roused.  You do not notice the third one as it corresponded nicely with Kim Kardashian’s shriek.   The fourth one, however, makes the hairs rise on the back of your neck. You hear a whimper.


There is a crack.  And sobs.

You need to call the police.  Except your house stinks of weed, and that’s not legal here yet.

The thudding continues rhythmically, unbothered by your indecision. Maybe this is some weird trip.  Maybe you’re making stuff up-if it isn’t, it’s really their fault. If there weren’t such hard laws against something so innocent, you’d call.  But that doesn’t matter, because this isn’t real, even though the thudding in your head won’t stop.

Until it does stop.  Then there are footsteps, and your neighbor’s door slams.  The silence from the other side of the duplex screams over your TV show.

~ ~ ~

You’re not sure exactly what happened that night, but it was the last time you heard anything through that wall.

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