Story Time: Something Familiar

Leandra takes us back to Eastvale to check in on Diana and Margaret in today’s Story Time.

Something Familiar

Leandra Ranger

            When Diana collapsed into bed after her first day as the Eastvale Witch’s apprentice, she fell right to sleep.  On the second night, she noticed the small, striped spider in the corner but was too tired to do anything about it.  On the third night, she decided to let it stay; it was less annoying than the mosquitoes it was eating and also kind of pretty.  On the fourth night, homesick, she told it about her day.

That became a ritual. Work all day, scarf down dinner, and, then, “Hey Ar, today I helped make an anti-bunion potion.  My hands smell like feet.”

Very quickly, odd things started happening.  The spider would wander near Diana when she entered the room.   It moved its web closer to her bed.  It even hung out with her in the shower.
About a month into her apprenticeship, Diana woke up nauseous.  Fearing it cresting from nausea to vomiting, she ran to the bathroom.  It seemed her prediction was right until her spider crawled on her arm and her symptoms ceased.  Maybe it was just a weird blood sugar dip, she mused while wandering into the kitchen.

“Good morning, dear,” intoned Margaret as Diana entered.  “Stay in bed today; you’re ill.”

“It passed,” replied Diana, pouring her coffee.

Margaret narrowed her eyes and walked over.  “No, it didn’t.”  She pushed back Diana’s hair to reveal the multi-colored spider still perched on her shoulder; it was so light that Diana had forgotten it was there.   “It seems you have a familiar.  Best not to tax him.  Rest today, and he will help  you with magic in the morning.”

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