Story Time: Apocalyptica: Wildcard

Come along for the ride as we take another jump into the world of Apocalyptica!

Apocalyptica: Wild Card

Gwen Cosmos


A light show of bombs rocked the sleeping city as patrolmen marched through its streets looking for mischief.  From the shadows, Edwina watched a pair of them disappear around a corner before glancing down at the note in her hands to remind herself of her destination.


If you’re as good a smuggler as you think you are, I have a job that might whet your appetite. Meet me at midnight at the abandoned Aldi on the eastern side of the city. Come alone.



She tucked the note back in her pocket and made her way eastward. As she walked from one side of town to the other, making sure to stick to the shadows, the landscape began to change. The buildings began to look less and less stable, with holes in the walls and shattered windows. Some had even been reduced into piles of rubble. As far as Edwina knew, no one lived out here.

Across the street, she could see the remains of a small rundown grocery store. Glancing side to side, she checked for anyone in uniform and, seeing no one, made her way across. The store’s sliding front doors were boarded up, and many letters from its sign were knocked off and laying in the dirt.

Edwina paused just before the entrance and glanced down at her watch. It was now midnight. She hoped that this information was worth it.

“Hello,” intoned a voice from Edwina’s left.

Edwina jumped, turning to face the thin figure that had somehow crept up on her. A teenager in a ragged dress Edwina took in the thin dark hair and the stark contrast of the girl’s one brown eye and her other, false blue one. Edwina’s stomach churned as she recognized the description she had heard, so many times, over the radio.

“You’re Famine,” Edwina said in awe.

“I prefer Celia,” the Horsewoman said, looking at her nails.

“I assume this food shortage is your doing, then?”

“Not entirely,” Celia replied as she pulled a bronze key out of a ragged pocket. “This will help.”

Edwina crossed her arms, resisting the urge to snark about humans not eating bronze. “What does it open?”

Celia twirled the key through her fingers. “The door to the largest food stockpile in the city.”

“Which is where?”

“At the dead center of the military base.”

Edwina’s eyes widened in surprise. Leave it to those bastards to pull something like this.

Celia smirked and tossed Edwina the key. “Now you know.” She turned and began to walk away before shooting over her shoulder, “Do with it what you will.”

Edwina stared down at the key in her hands only to find the Horsewoman gone as she looked up. Whatever happened now, the ball was in Edwina’s court, and she could never resist a good heist.


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