Story Time: Nature’s Law

Nature’s Law

Gwen Cosmos

    The world is white, and the trees cast thick shadows. A criminal ran into the woods, and Breccia now follows his footprints, like breadcrumbs, through the thick snow. Eventually, she comes across a section of disturbed snow and blood. Footprints lined with crimson shuffle deeper into the woods. She fingers the trigger of her crossbow as she stalks ahead.

The trail ends behind a towering fir tree at the criminal’s torn body. From the shadows, a huge brown bear rises and roars. It swipes a claw at her face, and she pulls the trigger, releasing the bolt. Red runs into her vision as her shot strikes true, pushing deep into the creature’s chest. The bear falls with a growl, its breathing heavy, struggling. She reloads, takes aim, and shoots again. Her bolt strikes through the bear’s eye and it goes still.  Blood drips down her chin as she looks over the scene. Another job done.

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