Writing Tips: Five Things to Think About When Choosing Traits for Your Defining Character Moments

First impressions matter. In fact, first impressions matter even more in stories where readers have been conditioned to take a character’s actions in their first major scene as defining. Therefore, it is important to be deliberate in this “defining character” moment, so we at Pages of Fiction have decided to give you some things to think about when you choose which aspects of your character to highlight at their introduction.

Story Time: For Shivs and Giggles

Esa squinted at the notice board in front of the Wanderstop Tavern. Two postings for the killing of one man was awfully inefficient, though she wouldn’t mind two payments for one job. However, reading over the contact information made the situation more sensical. One job posting was from a well-known paladin and the other from an up-and-coming necromancer. They certainly wouldn’t get along…though it might be quite amusing if they tried.