Story Time: Dishing Out

Dishing Out

Gwen Cosmos

The reporter, Benjamin Thomson, was sitting on my couch, drinking milk and eating cookies as I watched him stuff his face.

“So…how long have you lived here?” he finally said, spewing crumbs.

“Are they good?” I asked, scooting to the edge of my seat.

Ben smiled, swallowing. “Yes, the cookies are delicious.” He reached for another and saluted me before taking a bite.

“Good, cuz I’ve made some for my neighbors.”

“Tell me about your neighbors. What do you think of them?”

I rubbed my hands together and set them in my lap. “Well, I don’t know them very well, but they seem like interesting people.”

“How long have you lived here?” he asked again.

“Oh, like, two months.”

The reporter gave me a stretched smile. “Only that long?” He wrote something down in his notebook. “How often do you see them?”

“They live right across the hall, so quite a bit. I try to say hi whenever I can.”

“Have you noticed anything strange about them?”

“Not really,” I said, wrinkling my brow. “I mean, I only see the blond one-I think his name is Cole-out after dark, but I think he works nights.”

The reporter scribbled furiously on his notepad.

“What about the others?”

“Well, the tall one always seems to be exercising. They have a dog, but I never see him walk it. You would think with all the running he does, he would take the dog.”

He jotted something else down.

I leaned forward to peer at his notes. “What is this interview for?”

He quickly stood up. “Thank you for your time, Suzie.”

“Oh, is it over?”

He moved to the door, grabbing another cookie on his way out. “Yep; I’ve got what I need. Have a good rest of your day, and please keep an eye out in The Watchmen Daily.” The door slammed shut, and I rushed over to the peep hole to see him running down the hallway.

I shrugged and refilled the plate of cookies. It was time to meet the neighbors.

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