About the Blog

Pages of Fiction is a blog devoted to stories.  Every other week, we will feature a short story written by one of the moderators.  In between stories, we will present writing tips, prompts, and thoughts.

About the Authors

Gwen Cosmos has loved stories since her youth, and constantly dreams of magical worlds and the heroes they house. When she is not working on her book or stories for Pages of Fiction, she works as a childcare provider and delights in using stories to inspire her charges. She also is an avid artist and tabletop roleplayer and enjoys bringing her worlds to life with words, pictures, and dice!

Leandra Ranger has been entranced by books and words since she was a child and her parents let her “stay up late” as long as she was reading. As she grew, she longed to craft words as lovely and fantastic as those she read about, and her career as an author began! Leandra balances her art with a love of science, and the two together brought her to medical school, where she is also a common contributor to her school’s literary journal. In her limited free time, Leandra enjoys riding her horse and playing tabletop roleplaying games with friends across the country-including Gwen!