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In the Author’s Head

“Agent E. Coli” (Scientific Background)

“The Feeding Ground” (Historical Background)

“The Road to Hell” (Concept Art) 

“Roommates” (Apartment Blueprint)

“Snow White in the Woods” (Symbolism)

“Something Familiar” (Scientific Background)

“Unbolted” (Symbolism)


Writing Tips

  • General Tips

Editing and Proofreading

Five Things to Establish at the Beginning of a Story

Five Things to Think About When Choosing Traits for Your Defining Character Moments

Getting Over Writer’s Block

Writing Well-Developed Characters

  • Genre Specific Articles

Writing Horror

Writing Romance

How to Tell if Your Romance is Problematic (Content Warning: Discusses Sexual Assault and Harassment, Mental Illness, and Domestic Abuse)

  • Facts to Know

Equestrian Facts

Interesting Medical Facts to Include in Your Stories (Content Warning: Gore)

Some Science Facts for Better Sci-Fi