Ongoing Series

Here are links to all of our serial stories.  Check regularly for updates!  All stories are presented in the recommended reading order.  For all other stories, please see the Independent Stories page.

The Annals of the Crows (Dark Fantasy)

Gwen tells the story of a world ravaged by a plague that brings its victims back to life.   Check out our playlist for this series! There is also some concept art.

The Crow’s Curse

The Crow’s Wrath

The Patient’s Fever

The Crow’s Miracle


Apocalyptica (Dystopian Fantasy)

This dystopian series, invented by Gwen but with installments by both Gwen and Leandra, tells the story of a world desperately hanging on after the arrival of the four horse(wo)men of the apocalypse. This series has a playlist, a World Anvil, and an “In the Author’s Head.”







The Blade of the Empress Chronicles (Historical Fiction)

Gwen Cosmos documents the adventures of Severa, a Roman assassin working after the death of Marcus Aerulius. This story has a playlist!

The Empress

Knives and Snow



The Fifth Avenue Twins (Steampunk/Mystery)

Join Leandra for fun romps through steampunk New York with mystery solving duo James and Josephine Garfield! This series has a playlist and a World Anvil!

The Fifth Avenue Twins

Magpie, Magpie

The Hudson Murders

Back from the Graves

Fire in the Distance

Stings and Talons


The Revenants (High Fantasy)

These stories, written by Gwen, feature a team of monster hunters in a fantasy world. This series has a playlist!

The Revenants: Part I

The Revenants: Part II

Distorted Reflection


Roommates (Urban Fantasy/Comedy)

Enter the apartment of a vampire, a werewolf, and a human as they have zany adventures in their quest to cohabit in this fun series by Gwen Cosmos.  Check out their apartment layout in “In the Author’s Head: The Apartment from Roommates.”


Family Reunion

Party at the Graveyard

Dishing Out

Cuddles and Fangs


The Witching Journals (Urban Fantasy)

Leandra tells the story of a small town witch and her big city apprentice in this collection of stories.  This series also has an “In the Author’s Head” entry (spoilers for “Something Familiar”) and a playlist!

The Eastvale Witch, v.2

Something Familiar

Breaking Bonds

Manners Maketh Man