Story Time: The Hudson Murders

Today, Leandra is continuing her Fifth Avenue Twins stories with "The Hudson Murders." 


Story Time: The Road to Hell

  Anticipation. The air was heavy with it as everyone in the city waited. There was barely a whisper of sound except for the constant banging at the gates. The gold and pearl doors that had been their protection were beginning to bend and crack. All throughout the city, the Seraphim were preparing. Swords were strapped to hips and normal, everyday clothing was being replaced by tougher gear.

Story Time: Thrum

“Stay in rhythm with the engine!” screams Commander Otizoc over the noise of the ship, her circular mouth unfolding to bare a perimeter of  large teeth.  Your claws scrabble against the ground as you strain to correct your mistake, aware that you could have easily blown the life support system.